Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interview Attire

 The tie neck, sleeveless blouse from summer '11 worn with a blue crewneck sweater and blue & white tweed skirt.  This look has a lot of text from the tweed skirt to the cotton blend sweater, it is perfectly paired with a light weight top that adds a touch of androgyny and femininity with the bow-tie.

Small like the matching back zipper add extra embellishment without being over the top.

Black pony hair flats complete the look, adding another sample of understated texture and creating a classic look. The 'smoking slipper' is a particular style that is becoming a huge trend and can be worn to dress a look up or down, and are a particularly refreshing style of flats compared to the standard ballerina flat.

Wearing a skirt to an interview is great, but the proper length is essential. Since this skirt is above the knee wearing it with solid stockings would be ideal.  Also wearing flats as opposed to heels gives a more modest professional look with a shorter skirt. And it goes without saying that mini skirts (which we have seen take a back seat to midi and full lengths this year) are definitely out for interviews. Here's to getting the job!

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